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Now - let’s get real...we are all going through it --- the struggles and chaos of this thing they call “growing up” And if we are going to be really real -- it’s f*ucking hard.

Now I don’t claim to be be an expert on how we are all supposed to do this, but I DO know that when I'm having a tough day and I'm on the verge of breaking down...I turn to music to pick me back up. Truly, for me, that’s what it’s all about. I want to inspire all of you beautiful people to NOT allow the hardships to define you. Don’t question if you are good enough or strong enough. OWN it all -- down to every little quirk that makes you, you!

Remember to stay confident and that nothing is more important than authenticity.

So...love yourself. You're all one of a kind and perfectly imperfect, but most of all... never alone. I hope my music can move you as much as it has made an impact on me and inspire you to make your own paths and rid your life of toxic energy..... because at the end of the day, it's all about how you feel about yourself.

Thank you guys so much... and never stop shooting for the stars!!


  • Birthday

    : April 20th
  • Color

    : Burgundy, Maroon, Olive Green
  • Fav Music

    : Any playlist that fits my mood on Spotify!
  • Hobbies

    : Every medium of art (music, visual arts, dance, media, etc.)
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music speaks


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